Ryan Gosling’s Nipples Makes Women Wet and Wicked

Ryan has all the girls under his spell. If Elliot Rodger had a chest like his he would of scored that hot sorority girl and not gone on a rampage. I’ve seen Elliot’s flowcharts and it seems all the girls are fantasizing over Ryan and not giving beta males the time of day.

Ryan Gosling Chest Sex

Look at Ryan Gosling making the women finger bang themselves to his muscular chest. What a devil. I can’t help slipping my fingers in between my love mound and fantasizing about squirting my pussy juice all over his exposed nipples. Jimmy, Jimmy, you know I love you but I’m on the east coast miles away and all I have is my golden dildo I bought from Gwyneth Paltrow. Jimmy won’t marry me until I give up my job planning 4 weddings. I don’t need you Jimmy. If you won’t put a ring on it I’ll just read the Vagina Monologues.