Hyapatia Lee’s Native American Nipple

Let’s listen to the Dance of the Warrior to get Hyapatia in the mood.

Hypatia Lee Native American Nipple

I heard Hyapatia was raped by a black man so she stopped doing scenes with black men. She can forgive but she can never forget. Put yourself in a black man’s shoes Hyapatia. Only thing that gets you laid is the almighty dollar and blacks have a hard time getting money unless it’s some king of physical work. Blacks aren’t that sharp on mental tasks so physical tasks are our specialty. Physical Hyapatia, like Olivia Newton John. I’m the sharpest black man in the shed so I’ll put up Leonard Peltier on 1973. Read the psalm and tell me what to link through lunar channels. If you ever meet me please don’t touch Jimmy’s anaconda. I have a problem with women grabbing my trouser snake. Drives my girl Yolanda crazy.

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