What we do for money eh my Zulu warriors? I thought joining the army would pay my student loan but I ended up running a Crystal Meth city to pay my allopathic doctor fishman just like the guy in Breaking Bad. Derek Vinyard kept Africa down when he had the boomstick in his hands. Now we all have the boomstick. The rifleman like in a game of Civilization. All we need is the right psyop music to take Africa back without firing a shot.


Jimmy was born in 1966 during the height of beatle mania. Jimmy doesn’t like Michael Richards from Seinfeld making fun of Jimmy’s who talk in the third person. What if I want to talk in the third person Kramer? What are you gonna do? Don’t let the young Jimmy avatar fool you. I’ve been through two Gulf wars. Wars around the block. But I’ve never been to jail even though I ran my new jack city for years undetected by Robocop. Gulf war syndrome in 92. Don’t want to talk about it not even with Yolanda.