Angela Baron’s Nipples vs. Ebony Ayes Nipples

First click on some 2 live Crew to put you in the mood:

Angela Baron vs Ebony Ayes Nipples Red Baron

Derek tells me that white nipples give more milk than black nipples. He tells me if I ever sucked on Angela Baron’s nipples I’d be in so much ecstasy I’d fly like Manfred Von Richtofen. He tells me white nipples are superior. I tell Derek nipples transcend race. Look at Ebony’s bazonga and tell me that you really could pick one over the other. I’m tired of these racist nipple theories by whites.

5 thoughts on “Angela Baron’s Nipples vs. Ebony Ayes Nipples

  1. I agree Jimmy breasts transcend race. I have heard of research in white anthropology David Duke is doing that the neanderthal european nipples produced the Wright brothers milk that made us fly.

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