Ryan Gosling’s Nipples Makes Women Wet and Wicked

Ryan has all the girls under his spell. If Elliot Rodger had a chest like his he would of scored that hot sorority girl and not gone on a rampage. I’ve seen Elliot’s flowcharts and it seems all the girls are fantasizing over Ryan and not giving beta males the time of day.

Ryan Gosling Chest Sex

Look at Ryan Gosling making the women finger bang themselves to his muscular chest. What a devil. I can’t help slipping my fingers in between my love mound and fantasizing about squirting my pussy juice all over his exposed nipples. Jimmy, Jimmy, you know I love you but I’m on the east coast miles away and all I have is my golden dildo I bought from Gwyneth Paltrow. Jimmy won’t marry me until I give up my job planning 4 weddings. I don’t need you Jimmy. If you won’t put a ring on it I’ll just read the Vagina Monologues.

Hyapatia Lee’s Native American Nipple

Let’s listen to the Dance of the Warrior to get Hyapatia in the mood.

Hypatia Lee Native American Nipple

I heard Hyapatia was raped by a black man so she stopped doing scenes with black men. She can forgive but she can never forget. Put yourself in a black man’s shoes Hyapatia. Only thing that gets you laid is the almighty dollar and blacks have a hard time getting money unless it’s some king of physical work. Blacks aren’t that sharp on mental tasks so physical tasks are our specialty. Physical Hyapatia, like Olivia Newton John. I’m the sharpest black man in the shed so I’ll put up Leonard Peltier on 1973. Read the psalm and tell me what to link through lunar channels. If you ever meet me please don’t touch Jimmy’s anaconda. I have a problem with women grabbing my trouser snake. Drives my girl Yolanda crazy.

Barocca’s Brazilian Bombshell Nipples

Let’s Take Barocca back to 1970 and listen to some Chakachas.

Barocca Brazilian Bombshell Nipples

Barocca’s nipples are white with black admixture. There is no way to tell if white or black nipples give superior milk with this girl. All the pornstars are on on Jimmy’s anaconda after Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11, especially Nicki Minaj.

Angela Baron’s Nipples vs. Ebony Ayes Nipples

First click on some 2 live Crew to put you in the mood:

Angela Baron vs Ebony Ayes Nipples Red Baron

Derek tells me that white nipples give more milk than black nipples. He tells me if I ever sucked on Angela Baron’s nipples I’d be in so much ecstasy I’d fly like Manfred Von Richtofen. He tells me white nipples are superior. I tell Derek nipples transcend race. Look at Ebony’s bazonga and tell me that you really could pick one over the other. I’m tired of these racist nipple theories by whites.